Goldenberg Enters the Blogosphere Blasting Common Core


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Michael Paul Goldenberg, a frequent commenter here, has entered the blogosphere on his own by writing for the Chalkface, a site for lively and controversial opinion.

In his first entry, he questions the logic of introducing the Common Core to all grades simultaneously. Doing so, he cogently argues, defeats the purpose of assuring coherence and continuity across the nation.. The child in fifth grade will never be exposed to what was taught in fourth grade.

A sensible rollout would have started in first grade only, then added a grade a year.

But hubris knows no limits.

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Forget Facebook: Pandora’s CTO wants to embrace the real world



Whenever startups talk about making music social, it’s all about Twitter and Facebook; either to share music with the social web or to get social music recommendations. But when I sat down with Pandora (S P) CTO Tom Conrad this week, I got to hear a decidedly different take on what it means to be social with regards to digital music.

“Social networks don’t matter as much,” Conrad told me. Instead, he wants to focus on the social interactions each of us have every day while listening to music in the same physical space. Sure, Pandora also offers options to share music on Twitter and Facebook, (S FB) but Conrad said that only a small percentage of listeners make use of these features. On the other hand, almost everyone has listened to a Pandora station in the presence of others before, Conrad argued.

How could a service like Pandora take…

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