Guest Blogger: Austin’s Muscular Runner’s Legs

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

WriterWhile Austin is on vacation, he has asked a series of guest bloggers to keep the blog up and running.  Today’s post is by a writing team called “Austin’s Muscular Runner’s Legs”.  I know it’s weird, but what about this blog has ever been normal?

Happy Sunday, Blog Fans!  Even though you don’t think we’ve ever met, you’ve actually seen us every time you’ve read this blog.  Yes, we are those legs in the photo that runs across the blog’s masthead.

So let us start by asking if any of you have legs that are muscular, shapely, and toned like we are.  We’d imagine most of you don’t since you spend most of your time sitting at your computer reading the rants of others.

Legs 3After you read this post, we totally expect you to go outside and do some form of exercise.  Don’t make us track you down and kick…

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