Story for a rainy day

Master Of Disaster

The rain lashed on for hours; the constant patter on the glass sounding like guns blazing in the distance. Steve Dreyfus had always been a reserved man; he never did like company. Though he felt like he could use some today.

He’d made a quiet home for himself just outside the city, off the interstate. He preferred living alone now; he’d given up life in the big city, with all that traffic, crazy routines, and nosy neighbors. He was now retired and loving every moment of it.

Right until now. He felt like a prisoner trapped inside a well furnished prison cell. He tried to take a nap, but the thunder booming outside wouldn’t let him nod off. He’d try to catch a few winks, and then wake up in a flash as soon as the clouds roared.

“Thank God I’m indoors”, Steve thought to himself, as he got up…

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