Small Musings On A Dream

Stephanie Raffelock

iStock_000013123861SmallAs I was coming out of the dream I heard myself say: Holiness is not something attainable, rather it arises in each of us from an authentic heart—an invincible preciousness, as my friend Jim would say.

There are decisions and choice points in each of our lives that are the needle piercing the cloth, carrying the thread that weaves its way into the markings of the journey. My choice point began at sixteen in the back seat of a  Lincoln Continental–heavy make out sessions with my boyfriend Dan in his father’s car, followed by reading Khalil Gibran aloud to one another– a sensuous world punctuated by ancient wisdom. The religious experience, if you will, as put forth by Rumi—“there is some kiss we want with our whole life—It is the touch of the spirit upon the body.”

In the early days I simply experimented, open to anything that lifted my…

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